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Coming up next; Prelims
Date: Monday, 6 August 2012 10:59 pm

Prelims is starting next week, gosh. 

Anyway we'd be having study break starting from Wednesday (parties, not). I'm intending to do at least two Math papers, revise my Geography and Economics, read up more about my Politics & Governance (since I'm going to bomb on that essay for General Paper) and ... Oh hi Chemistry.

Anyway, dad's going accompany me to Jakarta in December! Will most probably be going to Jakarta, Indonesia to see Infinite with Mint and Keanne, and maybe meet Vai too. Gosh they are the loveliest bunch of people, I swear (and it's nice to know that they are the closest friends I've made in fandom /has all of their phone numbers/). Well, I only recently got Keanne's and I went on a spazzing session, "OMFG I HAVE HER NUMBER NOW." I'm now waiting for her to get the package I sent to her, hopefully she'll like it~ Anyway, when we meet I will take loads of photos of them (and with them), and we'd probably just raid fast food joints together (McDonald's and KFC, and anywhere with fried chicken because Keanne + Jeslyn + Mint = Fried Chicken OT3). Anyway this is my motivation to study now. To meet them, I must not skip school and will study hard.

I'd be going out with Yanhan and Stephanie after school tomorrow! Alright bye.