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Date: Sunday, 12 December 2010 7:20 pm


Entered this world on 5th December in 1994. Adores Japanese culture like a maniac, and now holds a JLTP 4/N5 certificate in Japanese Language Proficiency. Schooled in Park View Primary (2001-2006), Compassvale Secondary (2007-2010), Serangoon Junior College, Arts Stream(2011-current). Loves hanging in front of the computer doing 'useless' things like editing pictures, writing fanfictions or just watching Animes/Drama.

Also known as Takasugi Riko, or th-geek/re-riko in Live Journal, a writer of YamaJima and other pairings of JUMP/NEWS etc. What's wrong with liking yaoi/shonen-ai/boy love? Though I get all embarrassed when someone talks about it to me in the public. But I squeal at YamaJima anytime, anywhere.

Crazy over the idols of Johnny's Entertainment (JE) & AKB48, especially Hey! Say! JUMP, a ten member group. Totally bias over all ten of them, and extremely bias over Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Morimoto Ryutaro & Okamoto Keito. I love my Y-tachi too, which includes Yuto, Yama-chan, Yuma, Yuyan & Yoko. And of course, my OTP is YAMAJIMA, like hell yeah. They are absolutely love.

 Forever bias for these ten awesomely hawt boys/men. :3