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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Sunday, 1 July 2012 12:24 pm

Hello, I'm back.
yes because I'm too bored and decided I like blogger better, l m a o

I'm suppose to be studying but screw this, my phone just made me mad (i.e. I pressed the wrong thing and my apps went haywire and I need to put them all in their respective folders again, which means I need to name them again). I screwed my mid-years, so I'd have to work hard for my prelims.

I have no idea why but when reading my past posts, I feel like I pushed a certain someone away because of a lie (a lie that I said right in front of his face just because I didn't want to admit that I like him, a lot). That would make so much sense on why he asked me that question right after that. The thing was, it'll only make sense if he likes me too, which to me, is/was impossible. Not that I'd know, but I can assume that he likes me, since we were texting for a few days. So assuming that he likes me, since I said that 'No I don't like anyone now', I pushed him away, literally.

oh fml. If this certain guy ever reads this, do text me at least. I'd be so happy.

Maybe if I assumed that he likes me, it would make so much sense why Ms Suraiya went all "How long have both of you been together?" when both of us went back to school together (unplanned, btw). Maybe this assumption is true, just maybe. I don't want to trust my memories because it's said that memories can be modified through feelings, but memories are all that I have left (and at least I know that my memories haven't failed me once, I have almost photographic memories when it comes to these things. Unfortunately not for studies tho).

Sometimes I wonder if I'm over-thinking or just hitting reality right on the spot.

School isn't that bad I guess? Anyway it's just a few more months before we graduate and start staying at home to prepare for our A levels. Though the pace is definitely getting faster. I should do my homework /cringes/


本とに、本とに 好きだよ。