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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Monday, 5 December 2011 4:58 pm

(my pretty new hairstyle, which is actually quite messy now)

Officially 17 y/o from now on, when everyone's turning 18 in a month's time.

It's kind of amazing that my curled hair is still long, after being curled up (this doesn't make sense). A change of image for next year, and I should start slimming down and getting pretty clothes. All these needs moneh okay? Screw this, my money can be put in better use, like tickets to Kisumai's concert next year (or that copy of January's SEVENTEEN magazine that I'm itching to get my hands on. PS: it's the Japanese one). I'm pretty much in love with my fandom friends now. They are one whole bunch of lovely people, who started to shove me really nice stuffs (I only got to read them when I woke up). Imagine this: How cool is it if your favourite writer actually dedicates something to you on your birthday? This is pretty much how I feel now. Writers that I look up to actually wrote for me on my birthday, I can die of happiness (literally, if I may say). Deal with me, I love to read, so this is probably the best gift anyone can give me (though I totally don't mind materialistic presents /shot).

Spent my lunch with Sandy Ong, who treated me to my Pepper Lunch ♥ Had a really nice talk with her too. Walked around White Sands, and she's apparently my spazzing partner when it comes to books & stationary. Which reminds me to finish all the books that I've bought and bring out my dusty Twilight series to re-read it (and I would love to get my hands on the last book, but it has never been published in Singapore).

So this holiday, I'm going to 'work' as a beta-readers for other writers. It's totally voluntary and somehow, I don't know how I end up as the whole organiser for a huge bunch of beta readers. I would start to write more, and I need to do my homework.

Shall leave all these till later. Gonna go out later at night, and I wanna post out my present for Keanne soon. \o/