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Good News \m/
Date: Thursday, 1 December 2011 11:23 pm

Ehrm hi.
I'm not dead yet, instead I have tons of good news that has been coming my way since ... 23th November?

I had the best fandom clash ever (Johnny's Entertainment x AKB48 in a drama), one of the idols I look up to is going to publish his first novel (which I'm gonna buy), my OTP (yamajima) is gonna be in the same drama together, and most importantly ...

I'm advanced to JC2! \o/

And then I left Singapore on this note. I was at Genting for 3 days and only came back on Monday. Happy birthday to dearest Chinen Yuri (18 years old on 30th Nov) and Yaotome Hikaru (21 years old on 2nd Dec)! Deal with it, I love Hey! Say! JUMP to the max alright?

I feel like rotting throughout the whole holiday, but I have homework and I don't feel like touching them. I don't even have the schedule list of homework! (fuck you school) I'll be playing until at least my birthday. Presents are loved, but it's not necessary. Of coursed it's appreciated, since I never had the experience to get huge presents like people in school during their birthdays. Envy much?

Nahh, this year will be better. Or maybe the same \o/ Or new news about yamajima's drama would be a nice present for me already. Oh and yes, I'm just typing crap for the sake of just typing here.

Happy 9th Monthsary Keanne ♥