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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Friday, 9 December 2011 7:53 pm

(Cast of BECK)

Watched 'BECK' with my brother just now, and this movie is amazing. I'm obviously on  a movie marathon now, since I watched 'Kaiji' yesterday and scare myself with how terrible humans are. Nakamaru Aoi is officially on my cute guys list since he played the drums in this movie. I don't need any other reasons to love Mizushima Hiro, Sato Takeru & Mukai Osamu because they've caught my heart long ago \o/ (Which reminds me to watch Hana Kimi 2011 for Nakamaru Aoi~) 

I've not started on my homework yet, and I don't wanna go to tuition tomorrow, so I'd probably skip it and maybe really do homework tomorrow. It's almost mid-December and I feel like school is gonna re-open when there's actually at least 4 weeks more. So yes I should study soon.

I started to write a new story, and I'm totally new to the genre, since it's about assassination and stuff. Hopefully I wouldn't screw this up because I adore the plot that has been budding in my mind even before the promotional exams. Has been too long since I've wrote something that has fighting scenes and stuffs like that. I'll write later, and do homework tomorrow. \o/

My hair aint that curly now, and I didn't apply the cream that I was suppose to. All hail~ (Yes, I do think that straight hair suits me better since it's easier to maintain, since I've been maintaining it for like 17 years.)