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Bitch, don't touch my things.
Date: Thursday, 3 November 2011 11:35 pm

Please note that I hate people touching my things without permission.
It's basic respect that you at least ask before using my laptop right? Not that we're super close. Just be glad that I did not shout into your face like how I would've done in Secondary school. What's more is that she made a new folder in my laptop. Fine it's for organising things, but really, don't touch my fucking laptop or belongings without my permission.

I was out at lunch and my laptop was on the table. Can you at least text me that you're gonna use my laptop? YOU HAVE FREE SMS FOR GOD'S SAKE. I will forever be pissed at this.

And mum, it's not like I don't wanna sleep. Do you think I can sleep before I finish my project?

Today's just a bad day.