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AKB Shop
Date: Sunday, 20 November 2011 11:37 pm

(Taken during OP period.)

I'm back here. I'm happy that I went out yesterday with my parents and mum bought me a jacket from uniqlo. And I saw Naruto graphic tees, but it was expensive. Then enjoyed dinner (read as Ramen) with her before we drink Koi. Chocolate Milk Tea is ♥. 

Went out with Christabel today, and also met Atiqah (@pafyuumu on twitter). Went to the AKB shop and I got my Komorin poster (which was the last piece) and also a Team B pencil case (metal box, it's blue). I was only a door apart from the girls who came and were performing inside. And I didn't want to leave :'D It feels kind of good knowing that Singapore has quiet a lot of AKB48 fans, and seeing fanboys makes me happy. It would be even more amazing to see fanboys in JE fandom. We also saw Japanese guys in the AKB shop! I was so amazed~ Not sure what I'm amazed though. I'll go to their handshake event if there's one next time. I wanna go to the airport to see NMB48 on the 3rd. I'll consider first.

Then again, I wore a skirt today. Mum said that I should just wear like this next time. And my reaction was like, "wow, I feel like a girl." I'm hopeless. FBT shorts are the most comfortable.

Welcome back from camp lil' brother. I miss him to bits.