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Typical I-Hate-School rants, just a little more serious
Date: Sunday, 9 October 2011 9:16 pm

(I love the sky, hello Michelle~)

Trying to scrape out some things to write my script for Oral Presentation. All I can say that it's stupid to write a script. I'm a presenter that goes without a script. As long as I know what are on the slides I would be able to talk. So yes, I'm not a script-person when it comes to presenting. People who knows me would know how I work for presentation (It just simply means that I just go up and speak whatever that comes to my mind, and shiver like mad throughout the whole presentation but still being really loud).

Whatever you think of me, go ahead. I'm an impulsive person and I speak what I think is correct. (Or maybe I'm just a natural speaker)

Hello, please go ahead and curse that I would fail my promotional exams. I totally have no energy to get into JC2 now. I want to pretty much cry whenever I think about going back to school. Which is right now because I have school tomorrow and I'm really tired of chasing money. Trust me to break down tomorrow if the jerks and bastards doesn't pay up (technically, me included but I'm collecting the money myself, so what's the big deal?). Oh hi, I feel suicidal already.

Mum's bribing me with a Polaroid camera. She said she'll buy it for my birthday, but provided I pass my Promos. Then forget about it, I can buy it myself. At least I managed to negotiate with my dad that he'll buy my an iPhone4S no matter my grade for my Promos (with data plan). I really need a holiday right now. But the nearest one is on my Mum's birthday (which is Deepavali) I think I'll make myself fall sick.

Actually, studying isn't that bad. I just don't wanna go to CCA. Or collect money as the treasurer, especially since I WAS FREAKING FORCED INTO THE ROLE (damn all of you).

So yes, technically you can say that I hate school.