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Perching On The Soul
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Self Service
Date: Thursday, 13 October 2011 9:34 pm

(Taken on 13102011 at Nex's MenMenDonDon outlet)

Yes, I took that photo myself. School wasn't that bad, though I got scorned by that Oral Presentation teacher. What the hell, I don't know you, I don't know your expectations, this is the first time I'm doing this and you freaking scorn me. Okay, maybe not scorn, but it's a tone that irritates me. Fine I shall show him a really nice script the next time I see him.

Met Christabel after school and got over to Nex to have ramen at MenMen DonDon. Delicious Miso ramen that I crave for, ever since I became addicted to Naruto all over again. I have no regrets. (Yes insert some dramatic expression and gestures here, you know I'm dramatic.) Pretty much abused her camera and snapped tons of photos, and of course using her as my model. After using her camera, I'm really determined to start seriously saving up for my Pentax k-r. In the end, I decided on buying the white one, since I have a thing for the colour white.

Alright, I'll talk about Keanne again because she never fails to make me really seriously amused :'D I really glad that she's part of my life and that she was thickskinned enough to stay with me and kept trying to get closer to such an awkward me (well, at least before we became really close, she said I was a totally awkward person).

Keanne, thanks for being in my life :'D
I'm so glad we found each other, even if we're separated by the oceans.
There I go, being all sappy and cheesy. Keanne you hentai. ARE YOU THAT BORED? 

btw, Mii-chan, good luck for your papers.