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Perching On The Soul
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Rena, my girl crush
Date: Monday, 10 October 2011 11:53 pm

(Matsui Rena from SKE48. I have a girl crush on her ♥)

The whole family's asleep now and I'm the only one that's awake. It's gonna be boring in school tomorrow, going through how to do the questions and stuff. I practically slept throughout Economics (not that they were teaching us any new stuffs). Tomorrow's gonna be tiring, and I want to skip school on Wednesday. For Project Work, screw all my group mates. I'm the only one that wrote out my script. How nice people, how nice. Falling sick soon, so I guess that's totally nice. How about falling down and staying in the hospital for a day or two? No one would miss me I'm sure.

I still want to go over to Polytechnic though (And I'll dye the same hair colour as Rena in this photo /flails). Everything seems fine for now. Parents talked about going overseas, now I want that to come quickly. Genting

Alright, I need to sleep or I wouldn't be able to wake up tomorrow, not that I mind. I find school really ridiculous now, and the people in there are all childish.