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/pukes a rainbow/
Date: Saturday, 29 October 2011 10:56 am

/dies/ And it's pretty white~

Pretty much fiddling with that machine, and contacts that I deem as useless or that they aren't really contacting me are not moved to my new phone. Then again, Yong Kit if you're here, I lost your number, again. It seems that my phones doesn't like him. Then again, I have quite a number of contacts lost, because my phone crashed (again) a little earlier before.

Dad was determined to play with the Siri and we had quite sometime laughing at the programme :'D It can tell me what's 1+1 too! (sorry, we're all weird people, thus asking random questions)

And btw, Japanese are amazing people: Read this article about Wasabi alarm for the people with hearing problem. They deserve the award.