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Maple and Airport.
Date: Friday, 14 October 2011 11:17 pm

(Having problems opening my eyes because of the sun, but I like my hair)

Didn't go to school today, since I'm sick and well I got chunk with water by Keanne (through the net and I kind of drowned). And since my brother's done with his exams today, we played Maple SEA for a large portion of the day. We also had lunch together and I went to rot in the polyclinic since it was long (btw, I saw Ms Tan there! Coincidence~). So now here I am trying to write something out for my script. I have no idea what to write since I have no idea what the other people in front of me is gonna write. Well, my part's the evaluation part, it can't be helped.

Off to the airport in the morning tomorrow, and probably gonna stay there till quite late. Hopefully we can get things done by tomorrow. So I can kind of bribe my parents to bring us down to Orchard or something. I've been meaning to go to TANGS there, since there are Harajuku fashion brands there, and my wardrobe could use a little more nicer clothes and get rid of all the event tees. Or maybe I can pester my parents to give in and allow me to curl my hair (yes, permanently). Joana's gonna be pissed since she loves my hair ever since she added my on FB and wanted to steal my hair (which result in a hair tugging war). I miss that meanie already.

Anyway, I'm charging my batteries for the DSLR. Nope it's not mine. Dad borrowed it from his professional photographer friend, since I gave her daughter my textbooks and well, other stuffs like being a long family friend too (and of course throwing in a box of chocolate and saying that I would not spoil it). I think I managed to figure out somethings after fiddling with Christabel's camera yesterday, so hopefully I'll get how to use this camera later. If so, I'd bring it to the airport tomorrow and possibly Sunday too (since there are chances that we wouldn't finish our project by tomorrow).

Just let me off and allow me to go to Japan to study.
I should start looking for scholarships.