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I'm just pissed.
Date: Saturday, 8 October 2011 1:00 am

(Remind me to start saving up for a camera)

So we're done with I&R and we're off to prepare for our Oral Presentation. That's not really nice, because I'm already in my holiday mood, and school is killing my creative brain cells. Read this as: Jeslyn is unable to write anything like a perfect story like how she use to. Which just means that if you call me to write narrative essay, screw it. Firstly, I have no more plot. Even if I had one, I don't know how to articulate it out in words. They are just remaining in my mind as images acting out. And as a person that loves writing, this is pissing me off big time. Tried writing yesterday, and nothing came out. Okay I wrote like 100+ words, and immediately scrape off the whole story because the flow is weird. I just feel that how I'm writing is just too awkward for now.

It's not helping that fandom's not a really nice place to stay in for now too. I'm back to watching animes and reading manga. Starting from Naruto. I'm up to date with the manga already, after speed reading 200+ chapters within 2 days. I feel proud. I have to catch up with the anime too, though the manga seems so much nicer. I need D.Grayman's manga next, and I can catch up with Bleach's manga too (I remember that I'm not that far with the Bleach manga so it doesn't matter).

We still have school next week, and I totally don't feel like going back. Going back to study is alright, but I don't want to go back for CCA (i.e. Guitar Ensemble). I seriously don't like how my school's working, since every little thing must have a discipline record. Hello, we're not a military school. We're teens going to be adults, we're smart enough to know what to do and what not to do. Although there are people who are still childish and stuffs. God damn it. Just pay me all the money already. I'm pissed with chasing each and everyone, everyday and I still have to stand there and get scolded by the uncle.

There's a wedding tomorrow and I think I have to attend it. I don't feel like going anywhere because I'm still waiting for Shokura to be up so I can watch it.

All in all, I still wanna transfer to Polytechnic next year. 
Please let me fail my promotional exams. I hate my school