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I passed my Chinese Composition
Date: Tuesday, 11 October 2011 9:55 pm

(Shinoda Mariko, my AKB48 girl crush~)

Guess her age alright? She's really adorbs and loveable. I'm hoping that one day she'd visit Singapore, like Takamina :'D Then again, NMB48's coming over to Singapore for a full stage one day before my birthday. There goes my money, yay! (not forgetting that I'm suppose to save up for Kisumai's con next year.)

School was alright. I still find it quite meaningless for going back to school now (and well, esp. CCA, but I think I'm going to appear there for once tomorrow or my conduct grade will fall). Oh yes, screw being a treasurer and project work group leader. They can fail all they want. I'm good with a B. I should just bag all the money and run away, not that there's a lot though. Next time, I'd just paste "O$P$" on their lockers. Innovation from Project Work alright? It's not my fault anyway. For now, my results for Chemistry seems gloom, though even if I failed my Chemistry, I doubt that has enough impact to make me fail my promotional exams. One thing to add on is that I actually passed my Chinese Composition. And it was relatively well-done, for me at least (Please remember how bad my Chinese is). Anyway, I got better marks than a certain person, so I'm happy.

But I still don't wanna get promoted.
Deal with it, Jeslyn's kind of mad.

So there's this 'Cool Japan' movement in Singapore, and I want to go over to Orchard's TANGS to shop already! All the Japanese apparel brands are there for now, and probably until next year. Harajuku style too, I like.

I should just go off and emo in a corner. I want my PSP's firmware to be updated already ;A;