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High ego, AKB48 dating game + Promos
Date: Monday, 17 October 2011 11:20 pm

(I have so many girl crush. Komori Mika, AKB48~)

First, I'll talk about nice things. My PSP has a new game (read as: My PSP is able to load the AKB48's dating sims game). So yes, I'm virtually dating girls. Don't worry guy stalkers of my blog (if there are any) I'm still straight though I might start to doubt that who knows I might be bi. Not openly playing it on the bus or in school because I still feel weird fangirling over pretty girls.

Next, we've checked our papers earlier today.

Let's just say that I might really end up in Polytechnic. I managed to get a B for Chinese and actually pass my H2 Math. My GP paper 1 was satisfying, since I got a C grade (I think). But I still failed GP I think. Decided on the course for sometime already, but part of me wants to go for a re-examination to get promoted. I'll take whatever comes anyway. Not really depressed since it's not that bad, while it's also not that good too. My flu just got worst. Losing my voice and coughing and sneezing like nobody's business.

Doesn't matter. What's done is done. I have enough of the shit crap of "Now you regret, why didn't you study harder?" Not from my parents. Mostly friend(s). I have my own reasons why I didn't study harder. I know I'd get even better grades if I studied. You're probably complaining because you studied but still got average grades. STOP SAYING LIKE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD. YOU GOT AVERAGE GRADES TO PROMOTE AND YOU'RE LIKE, THIS IS A BAD TURN. Yeah, not for you at least.

Okay, I'm glad I look scary and look like I'd murder people cause not many people dared to approach me and start to nag.

Screw all of you. I'd get great results next year (where ever I am at) and shove them into your face. YOU SHALL WORSHIP ME. (Deal with it, I have a high ego).