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End of Promotional Exams
Date: Tuesday, 4 October 2011 12:23 am

(I only like my eyes. hmmmmmmm)

Promotional exams are finally over! Had a blast with YanHan, Thasreen, Arffah and Stephine at Vivo City right after our papers. Alright, we were just being mad girls running around the mall (Okay, maybe it's only me since my head wasn't really functioning after the paper).

We watched Fright Night! All because of Thasreen, who said it was horror plus comedy! But there was no comedy at all! (;____;) I ended up scream and and whimpering in the cinema. And yes, it was terrible. I covered my eyes at through at least half of the show. Can't help it, I was scared alright?

After that I treated myself with Starbucks~ I was so excited ordering it myself for the first time~ So yeap, I got a White Chocolate Mocha Frappe-chino, it's nice. After that I went home and declared that watching Fright Night was mentally taxing because it was scary. Alright it doesn't make any sense, but who cares.

So from coming back till now, I'm here until midnight. Does it even matter that I'm doing my Project Work's I&R and watching Naruto at the same time? I need a Naruto phone charm. And a Sasuke one too. I just need a phone charm!

Things to buy soon/save up to buy them:
  • A pair of flats
  • SasuNaru phone charm
  • A pair of earpiece that wouldn't stand out as much as my beats
  • Polaroid camera
  • New laptop
  • Pentax K-r/K-x
  • Start & Complete my Naruto manga collection (soon)