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Perching On The Soul
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Am not suppose to be here.
Date: Sunday, 2 October 2011 11:15 pm

(I feel like I look good in specs.)

I'm not suppose to be here, but I'm here. Tomorrow's my last paper for promotional exams! Gonna go out to celebrate with my friends after the paper. Kind of excited, just because I can use YanHan's camera and take loads of photos again~ (What, I need a naisu camera to camwhore. My phone's camera sucks.) Urban geography paper tomorrow, and I've finished flipping through my notes. Key word: Flipping. I literally just did that. And only that. I suck at being a student and studying for exams.

I need to look presentable when I go out tomorrow. What am I even gonna wear? My closet is terrible and I only wear my event-tees and FBT shorts out. Hello to jeans and t-shirts again. And I'm wearing my slippers, whether they like it or not (mental note to buy a pair of flats soon).

Oh yes, I have my PSP charged, and I need to wait for my cousin to finish his N levels before I bring it to him and call him to update my PSP's firmware (so I can have more games to play). I'm enjoying my fandom life pretty much now. I love Keanne for making me watch Naruto again. Well, she's watching it from the start, and I'm continuing from where I left off, and I'm now at episode 180+ in Naruto Shippuden.

Best thing is that, she ships all the pairings I ship for all the fandom we're in :')
Johnny's Entertainment & Animanga fandom. I love her to bits already, even though we're like miles apart from each other (;_____;)

Nothing's gonna stop me from flying over to The Philippines to meet Keanne in 2013, and nothing's gonna stop me. 
It's our promise to meet when we're 19 years old. (Or at least I'm 19, while she turns 20)