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Screwed and I want a pup (not this is nothing new)
Date: Friday, 30 September 2011 6:06 pm

(Remove the chubbiness from my cheeks please.)

Today was Chemistry, and Chemistry sucked. Didn't managed to revise much of it, because my mood yesterday night was ... terrible. I'm still feeling terrible, just probably a little better I think? I have no idea. Okay, I think I feel a tiny bit better now, after talking to Alicia, with her spamming me with AKB48 and her eggcitement on going to meet TakaMina next Monday. I'm excited for her too. But I'm not going for the fan meeting, just because I'm lazy, and the tickets are expensive. I'll visit the shop and cafe once Christabel's back in Singapore. Someone tell me where can I buy those plastic sleeves that's the size of a photograph? If not I'm gonna make them myself. (I bought laminating sheets and I have no laminating machine so I can't laminate the photographs. I'm an idiot.)

So next Monday's my last paper, and then I'm done with my promotional exams. (Yay!) But then seeing the schedule for post-promos are making me want the exams to be back. They are evil people. And ... I feel like failing my promos.

I want a puppy. I'll call my puppy 'Piyo' (pronounced as peeeeeeyoooooouu~! No, I'm serious.) And what type of puppy I want?

I want a Shiba Inu.
But they'd grow to become relaly huge dogs. So I want a fluffy Toy Poodle instead.

What? I'm a dog-person. But my brother's much more of a cat-person, though he said he wants a Jack Russel. DAYUM I WANT A SHIBA INU/TOY POODLE.