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Perching On The Soul
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Promos, two more papers.
Date: Thursday, 29 September 2011 5:35 pm

(Batman ♥)

Am not supposed to be here, but am here anyway. I'm left with only two more papers for my promotional exams! (;A;)b I can't wait till October now, mainly because there are many shows that I want to watch airing in October.♥ On the side note, I want to perm my hair right after my promos. Though I personally think that my mum wouldn't be saying yes. She's convinced that I can perm it just before Chinese New Year 2012. Oh well, at least by that time my hair would be so much longer than compared to my current length. I decided to grow my fringe too, since I got quite a lot of comments that my side fringe looks nicer. But seriously? You can see how high my forehead is! And it's oily. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

The papers weren't that tough, the things that I wanted them to come out came out, and it's do-able. Although I'm not that confident. I don't really want to get promoted up to JC2 now. Can I just drop out and hitch-hike off to Ngee Ann's Animation course? I think my L1R4 would allow me to enter it. (Mental note to self: check the cut-off points later) I want to enter Animation, just because I like animations. I think it'd be 3D animation, but it's really interesting. And it's fooling around with soft-wares that I totally don't mind spending the rest of my life fiddling with them. Just that ... Yes, soft-wares are amazing and all the works would be coursework and I wouldn't have to take tests, and I can score because I scrutinise my work like made before handing it up. Or at least that's what I do if it's a digital project.

Anyway, I wouldn't be in Junior College next year if I'm forced to retain. 
If I can get promoted, that would be another story.

Totally unrelated, but I was wondering if I've ever made anyone's heart beat race. Or like ... has anyone had a serious crush on me and didn't dare to confess. Because I'm seriously tired for being the one that likes a person all the time. Like any other girls, I want to feel loved alright? Fine, I can be all bitchy, and be all tomboy. That doesn't mean that people can treat my like guys. Not that I want some princess treatment. Being treated like a lady really feels good alright?

The last time I felt like I was treated like a lady? Maybe two years ago. But hey, people can get tired of waiting and getting their hopes up high.

I'm simply just ... tired.