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Kisumai con & 19
Date: Monday, 5 September 2011 12:04 am

Their concert would be on 15 January 2012!

Good bye money, I'm saving up for Taipi & Hiro's uchiwa. Sorry Tama-chan, but I only have a pair of hands, so I will only hold my OTP ;w; But Miyata~ gosh. I'm so eggcited for them to come. Please let the tickets be only 50 bucks.

My dad would seriously kill me if I have to spend 100+ bucks to get better seats at the front ;~; Okay, at most a hundred bucks. But please not too expensive. (At least it's cheaper than flying to Japan for their concert)

I want Arashi or NEWS or KAT-TUN or even better, JUMP to come next~ Though I totally wouldn't mind if YamaPi or Jinjin bb comes for solo concerts~ (*w*)b

Oh yes, twitter is highly amusing now. I was re-tweeting about blood types just now, and gosh, they are so interesting! Who knew that people with blood type O's the most pervertic group of people? :{D And the funniest thing was that most of them are true.

Like how an awkward person I am but since me & Keanne are close, we're totally alright together. And she even pointed out all the awkward moments I had :x (like how she tried to approach me previously, and I would just awkwardly reply back xD It's highly amusing!) And it's awesome that she broke my awkwardness and we became close.

2 more years before I'm nineteen!
I'll be off flying to the Philippines when I'm nineteen to meet Keanne bb, and I'm most probably dragging Christabel along :{D

Seriously, I can't wait till I'm nineteen. I wanna meet bb already ;~;

Back to RL stuffs, there's school for me tomorrow and I have to wake up at my usual timing so I should sleep. Good night. *A*