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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 6 September 2011 8:17 pm

Someone should just explain why this person's so perfect.

I'm hooked to his smile alright? It gives me that really nice feeling. Oh yes, boys' smiles are the best. Especially those really cute ones, when they are having fun to the max, or when they are like ... just being themselves. really nice.

See? Really nice.

It's the September break, but nothing much is happening, except that I still need to go back to school, and that I just caught a flu yesterday while going to school. How nice (Please note sarcasm). I still have projects not done and it has to be handed up by next week, the actual one. I need to stop procrastinating and actually do it. Now to hunt for more paper and coloured ink.

I tried reading a book after so long, and it's really sad to realise that my writing has become so stiff. Using really simple words unlike last time, I managed to use my bombastic languages at ease. Then looking back at what I wrote back then in Secondary school, I think my imagination was so much better.

Damn, I think Junior College just ruined my whole imagination (a.k.a. brain). But this is not the time for me to write fanciful things though. I need to study. Like my Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry and Chinese. Of course, my General Paper.

Revisions need to be put in my timetable now. I shouldn't be on the net for too often too.

On the side note, I was so tempted to buy an Olympus Pen E-P3 (white) just because Yuto's holding it (look at the camera the guy's holding in my 2nd picture). But it seems that I adore the Pentax K-r (Pink) so much more. Oh well, I need to save up.