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Perching On The Soul
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Damn you flu
Date: Wednesday, 7 September 2011 12:30 pm

(Because I'm the kawaiiest ♥)

As I said, I caught a flu, and it got so bad that I skipped my morning lecture for General Paper. I can be up coughing away and can't get proper sleep. Sleep induced only in the morning when I'm suppose to wake up, how nice.

Have been starving myself for a few days. Not that I want to though. With your throat being all scratchy and painful, you wouldn't even want to swallow anything. (Much less sweet things, though I'm craving for cakes) I shall study later, and I don't know about tuition later. I want to go because I would miss out if I didn't. But my flu is making me not wanting to go anywhere and do anything.

There goes my one week break.

I wanna cook noodles at home, but it's spicy. With my throat, I can't eat spicy stuff. No wonder, I ate Chicken Rice with the chill on Monday when the flu started. Maybe it triggered this? No, I doubt so. So for now, I'm watching anime, and resting. I should feed myself soon, since I only had a cup of milo for breakfast.

Before I rot even more, I should start planning what to study and also start the printing of my Written Report for my group. I swear I hate Project Work to the max. already (Oh wait, who doesn't?)

On fandom note, there's the OST for Ikemen Desu ne! But it's gonna cost me like 56 SGD to buy it. Sad case, I wanted to buy JUMP's Magic Power (LE2 & RE) but I wouldn't have enough money. I still owe people money too *coughchristablecough* I should just bribe my mum and dad to buy for me. Or I shall not buy. 

Alright, I'm going mad already.
Nope, this is nothing new.