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Perching On The Soul
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Alive, Keanne, Paulene, Vai, Camera
Date: Thursday, 25 August 2011 12:47 am

Hello, hello, hello.
Jeslyn's still well and alive. (pretty much still)

Promotional exams are approaching, and I'm not really getting the best grades for my quizzes and stuffs. That's causing me to feel ... freaking depressed. *chuckles* It's making me want to switch to Polytechnic next year! But that's not really nice. For me at least. I shall try and do my best and see what happens.

Who know what would happen.

Talking to Keanne really makes me feel so much more relief. And I feel kind of special talking to her (^-^)v It's really amazing that we're separated by the ocean/sea, yet both of us are so alike. The things we like and stuffs like that. And how we think and react. Now that I know her, life is really boring when we don't talk. And yes, I'll miss her like mad when she's on her hiatus from twitter/livejournal.

Planning to go over to the Philippines to visit her when I graduate next year (hopefully). We were planning to crash over at Pau's house (Paulene = me & Keanne's son, don't ask why xD), and she said she'd gladly house us :'D It would be nice if Vai could join us. It'll be the first time our family would meet each other. (we're a freaking happy twitter family. We're a ninja clan, and I really mean it.) 

Pau said that she might have a swimming competition over at Singapore, and if there is, she'd work hard to come over :') Her friends were all shocked when she started to squeal when she heard the rumor about the SG Competition, and she said that she has a friend in SG (which is me) and her friends were shocked. She came over to Singapore before, but at that time, we didn't know each other (;~;) it's really a pity.

Who knows, we might go to the same university, since she's planning to go over to Australia or Singapore. If I can't get into a Singapore University, I might go for a scholarship for an Australian University (even though I want to apply for a Japanese scholarship next year).

Oh yez, I want a Pentax K-r.

If I can, I want the yellow one. Though the Pink, Red and White are really pretty too. Though I have a feeling that I would settle for pink or red when I really buy it. Currently trying to save up for this, and I'm gonna try finding a part-time job during the December holidays, like some exhibitions?

This camera is like real expensive. Unless I bribe my classmate to help me purchase it directly from a Japanese merchandiser. Or I can bribe my dad to help me ask around. I'm quite sure he has a Japanese friend, or a friend living in Japan currently.

Alright, something tells me that by the time I'm gonna buy this, I'd settle for the red one. *shrugs*
I actually have enough cash I think, though they are all locked up in the bank. I doubt my mum would allow me to bring the money out just for the camera. She said that those money are for my University ... or something.