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I want to leave
Date: Sunday, 10 July 2011 7:24 pm

I feel so dead right now that I have no intention to go back to school. Why so? Because everything's going the wrong way. Why oh why indeed I choose this path? Can I just go over to Japan and study in Keito's international school. *shot* But no kidding, I totally don't mind studying in Japan. I find that in Singapore, they gave you a choice, and now we're all comparing. I don't like it one bit.

Blogger changed a new and clean look, and I was shocked. doesn't matter, I feel that my blog post is so pretty. Never mind, just ignore me.

It'll be nice if my dad finally let me get my iPhone now. It's pissing me off that other people who heard that I want an iPhone got an iPhone themselves before me. Aiko, I'm not talking about you, since I expected you go bribe your parents after you heard about Chinen having one. *laughs* 

For example, my cousin. She got an iPhone and asked me "Oh you know I got iPhone or not?" and I was like "No." Of course, she'd say that she knows that I wanted one. *sigh* Asked my dad about it, and he said it was her dad's decision to buy one for her. Seriously, I'm thinking like, 'She just changed her phone to a Nokia one, and then change it to an iPhone again?!' I was pissed, really. Next would be my godmother. Sure I know she has her own savings, and I know that she's gonna change it, but really before me. *pouts*

And there's my baby cousin and my cousins that are twins. They have freaking iPad. Great, great. I seriously wonder what's the generation gonna be like now. They aren't even in Primary school yet.

Just let me get out of Singapore now?

The expectations are too high. ):