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Perching On The Soul
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Crabby (No, am not a Pokemon)
Date: Wednesday, 27 July 2011 7:01 pm

I'm a freakin' crab, and I'm gonna eat you up.

My hair's gonna be tied up like in the photo tomorrow, since I can't bend my left arm. My right hand is kind of swollen/blueblack because of the radioactive substances they injected into me for the thyroid scan. It hurts a lot. Not forgetting to mention that they took 2 bottles of blood from me, from my left arm. That's why I can't move my arm properly. And to get those radioactive substances out, I have to pee, and I'm bloated from drinking so much water. Damn, it's so unglam to write this here, but who cares? Not really many people read this blog~

Livejournal's being all bitchy for like the third day? Please don't fail us Livejournal. Fangirls rely on you. *cries* I've changed my twitter account and locked it! Gonna announce it here because I like it. If I'm not following you back, too bad. I love my new twitter name, since it's suggested by my dearest daughter, Vai \(*w*)/

I seriously think I should take a small hiatus off from the internet, but since Keanne is off on her hiatus, I'll still have to be here to maintain the comm. DOESN'T MATTER. I might only come up on the net to update the comm? Who knows.

YanHan said that she was served by Li Jiayan when she went to the polyclinic just last week, and I laughed like mad! :D Not bad yes? Amazing that YanHan remembers that I have a friend (cousin, not) called Li Jiayan (that moron, I miss her).

All in all, I've missed 3 days of school, and I prepare for the worst tomorrow. *shivers* Coming back, how am I going to carry my laptop to school tomorrow? Probably not gonna bring it, since my hand hurts. I'll make do with paper and pen.

Wrote a one-shot just now, but not gonna post until Friday :D Off to seriously study my geography.