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Perching On The Soul
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Cassandra.C, I miss you, with other CVSS people.
Date: Friday, 15 July 2011 11:14 pm

Super surprised that even Cassandra.C knows about Ryutaro's incident. But it's heartening to see her tweet on listening to OVER *tears* I feel so proud making her love JUMP because I put Dreams Come True on my blog last time. I realised that I brainwashed quite a number of people in CVSS to like JUMP. 

I miss sitting beside Cassandra.C and singing Dreams Come True with her, and attempting to flood her phone with JUMP's songs. 
I even secretly drew YamaJima in her book, since we commemorate Gay Day when we're in Sec 3 (2009) \(*w*)/ We're an awesome bunch of people.

School was kind of nice today, General Paper was friendly and Geography was alright too. Mr Ang was being a little adorbs today, since he knew what we were thinking about a guy (note: it's a bad thing about that guy). Made Stephanie.L, Yan Han and me laugh like mad. And his expressions were hilarious!

Him giving the class chocolate made me all happy and flaily, since he placed them on my table and made me pass it onto the rest of the class~ (There was a Cocoa Tree vendors in our school for the whole week, chocolates!) Lunched with Stephanie.L and Yan Han at Nex, though Steph left early for her physio, and Yan Han and I went down to Glacious for frozen yogurt. There was strawberry yogurt, and it's yummy. (*A*)d

I'm not gonna mention about Guitar ... Alright, it was fine, but wasn't really pleased to be in the Bass section. (read: Accompaniment) Not going to complain more, since I wouldn't turn up for all of the Saturday practices. But being in the bass section wasn't bad because I managed to master the piece within an hour, which made me so happy ♥

Going to run at least 6km next Friday and running my 10< km on 30th July. SRJC Will Run. Am already a little eggcited for the run. I'm also going to participate in the Nike Human Race 2011! wanted to change gender just because I don't want the lady cut for the running tee for the Nike Human Race. But it's Nike anyway~ *shot* My aim is to slim down, which I think I am.

I feel like I'm preggy, since my stomach hurts like mad. (-____-)