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Stay Strong; #supporthsjryutaro
Date: Tuesday, 28 June 2011 11:38 pm

First of all, let's make this clear.

This is Hey! Say! JUMP.  10 letters make up their group's name, which means they are FOREVER TEN.
No more, no less. No one gets left behind.
(Credit for GIF: hsjtonihon @ tumblr)

People on twitter, trend #supporthsjryutaro. Do unlock your twitter accounts to trend it, so it'll be counted.

The following would be some rationale thinking of mine, though it is still from a fangirl's perspective. Leaving this post open because I believe we should think about this clearly, as non-bias as possible. I warn anyone that don't want to read to leave, because I wouldn't hold any responsibility if I made you depressed since I'm depressed myself.

So I wouldn't type about the whole incident, since most of the fans already know. I shall cut the chase.

Sure, Ryutaro did the wrong thing. In fact, it's really wrong because we all know that he's underage and he's breaking the law. So of course, being suspended from activities are probably the correct punishment. But indefinitely? Johnny, I would really prefer if you just put JUMP's activity on hiatus and let other groups take over SUMMARY just for this year. The most painful part of being a fan of a group is to see a member leave.

But who over here have the courage to admit that they broke the law / made a mistake / did something bad to the whole country? Definitely not me if I was in his position. He did it, he admit it, and I feel really proud to be his fan, even though half of the world / country is probably looking at him thinking he's bad. He's in the phase of growing up, and of course curiosity would kick in.

We're lucky he didn't get addicted. It would be easy to see he's not addicted. Chain smokers have generally purple-ish lips, their stamina's low due to the oxyhemogobin (hemoglobin with carbon monoxide) that would lower the ability to transfer oxygen around the body, his eyes would probably be bloodshot too.

Do you see any of these in Ryutaro? No. He's fit, since he runs all around like mad in concerts, his lips are pink, and his eyes are clear. It shows that he knew that what he did was wrong, and he didn't continue doing it.

To the person that leaked the photos out. Are you happy that Ryutaro's now suspended indefinitely? Are you happy that JUMP has to continue their work with just 9 members? What are your objectives? Lowering JUMP's sales for OVER? Destroying Ryutaro's career? Disbanding JUMP? Or trying to make the fans of JUMP leave?

You know what? I doubt that you'll get your goal. Unless it's money. Fans are united as one now on twitter, trending #supporthsjryutaro, and it's already trending in Indonesia and Philippines(?). We're aiming for worldwide. Impossible? Think again. If all of JUMP's fan come together, we'd get to worldwide.

Look at this, our boys cried. An insider commented that his heart broke when he saw JUMP breaking down and crying on each others' shoulder. It hurts him because JUMP was younger than him. Think about it, JUMP had came a long way since they debut. They weren't that closed when they debut, but what about now?

You clearly see that their relationship with each other is really strong, as they mention in magazines, and other places. Why is that so? JUMP grew up with each other, with each others' support. And now that Johnny is suspending Ryutaro, what do you think the other members are feeling?

I really hate to think that JUMP would have to continue activity with this happening. Imagine the pain they have to go through and the 9 of them have to act like nothing had happened. They have to act like Ryutaro wasn't there. I doubt they would be allowed to comment about the scandal, so each and every one of them have to perfect their fake smiles for their OVER promotions.

Sure, I thought that Ryutaro was innocent last night. I was abruptly woke up by my alarm clock at 5.45am this morning, and it was follow with a text message from [info]sugihara_aiko  about the confirmation. Ryutaro's my ichiban, along with Yamada and Yuto. Of course I broke down last night, being a silly fangirl, I talked to myself while looking at JUMP's poster, praying that everything would be alright, and cried to sleep. I didn't expect to wake up to such news, and I thought that she was joking with me. Of course, there were tears again, but after my denial mode, I thought, What if Johnny suspended Ryutaro to protect him?

Look, there are aggressive fans in Japan, and what if they attack Ryutaro if this scandal wasn't cleared? People would get hurt in process. So suspending Ryutaro from further activities might be the best thing to do, until the scandal calms down. Now we're just praying that he wouldn't be forced to quit JE/JUMP.

JUMP gave me light, smiles and happiness when I was feeling down way back in 2008 - 2009. To tell the truth, they helped me out of being depressed after having a break-up. Their acts, songs, and just being themselves made me their fan.

Now, as JUMP is facing this, let us all unite together as one whole fandom and support JUMP in whatever we can.
Readers, if you do not have a twitter account, please do make one now and trend #supporthsjryutaro. I'm @pretty_ryosuke / @_doragon on twitter for now, and I myself am going to trend this until Ryutaro comes back. Or something happens.