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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Thursday, 2 June 2011 12:35 am


I'm still awake, even though my eyes are sore because I've only been sleeping at 1am or 2am for the past 2 days. /shrugs My puffy eyes led me into wearing my specs for the whole of today, and Stephanie said that I don't look like myself! I wonder if it's in a good or bad way 8D

Had classes today, and before class, I slept in school for half an hour. After class had lunch with YanHan and Arrfah, and both of them painted my nails. Actually, they used my nails as tester for nail polish. Bought nail polish with YanHan in the end anyway. I don't feel like rubbing the colours off! Because it's now rainbow colour! But I wonder how I'm going to enter school tomorrow. /doesn't care for now For the holiday, I'm going to paint my nails yellow!

Because I bought yellow nail polish today, and it's pastel yellow! /pukes a rainbow

I'm tempted to play maple now. Gonna go play awhile before sleeping. I know I'll regret tomorrow for not sleeping early.

Anyway, bb, I'm really happy that I can be someone that you come to when you're upset or just feeling down :D I wonder if you stalk this blog, now that you know it xD