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Perching On The Soul
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Naruto/Writing Obsessed
Date: Friday, 17 June 2011 3:28 am

{Because Yamada's too pretty *sigh*}

I'm highly amused that I'm not even sleeping yet, and I'm not even feeling tired. |D For some reason, I've been hooked on Naruto Shipudden for the whole day already. and yes, I'm still watching it ♥

That had resulted me to delete almost all my icons from my Livejournal and leave two spots for Naruto icons. The other spots are 7 bias, and 2 spots left for golden mushroom Hikaru *w*

I love it when I go on an anime hiatus, and I come back with so many episode to watch~♥

But Bleach was being bitchy to me that day, so I decided to continue Naruto first, before I continue with Bleach. Anyway, I don't particularly hate anyone in Naruto, but I totally hate Orihime's guts in Bleach B) Naruto made me cry so much today. I've finished my math e-learning too! I'm waiting for another group member before I post the compiled answer onto the class's wordpress tomorrow morning. actually it should be technically later

I don't plan to sleep that early too =3= I wanna write something, since I've ditched writing for like 2 days already, and I dont like that. (Yes, I'm obsessed with writing.) dayum, I miss bb already ;A; she has school tomorrow. good luck bb♥

Alright dayum