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Crazy WR
Date: Tuesday, 7 June 2011 1:31 am

Crazy WR.

Managed to crap out Chapter 3 of WR with the help of BryanPan Guai Lan, Layling & Yanhan darling. They are all asleep, and I've just finished adding in the diagrams for the WR and printed it out. freaking great. It's also not helping that I'm probably running a fever now, and that I still have to wake up early tomorrow for school. Doesn't matter. After that I'd be going for a movie!

Pirates of the Caribbean!!! 

Movie with mummy & brother @ NEX after school tomorrow. Looking forward. I might bug my mum to treat me to Glacious tomorrow too. Yes, I know I've just ate that today (just now in the afternoon). So, yes. I should get some sleep now.