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Perching On The Soul
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Because without them, idk what will happen.
Date: Monday, 6 June 2011 12:14 am

I miss them.

Of course I missed them, since we've been sticking together through out the 4 years of growing up in Secondary School.

Anyway, Life hates me. I'm leader for almost all my project groups, and now my groupmates are all M.I.A, how great? I'm still alive because of Keanne bb and Aiko (;A;) Alicia made me cry even harder with her OkaMori angst, she's so evil :D

There's still school tomorrow and I'm going over to Nex pig down Mac breakfast with YanHan, buy nail polish from Etude House, get lost in Nex, and cool myself with frozen yogurt that Desiree introduced us previously. I need sugar to make me all happy again.

Oh yes, Skype is rocking. Was talking to bb and Queen mama on skype just now to discuss about YamaJima & OkaMori fic-a-thon at purrfect_couple B) Too bad Faye wasn't with us, or we'd all be all pervy like crazy :D the result of 4 crazy fangirls together

Hopefully I'll survive this holiday. I don't want to get back my results for the other subjects. For now, I think I passed my H2 Mathematics and H2 Geography.
I'm like some saint now. How the hell did I managed to pass those two subjects? /ready to fail H2 Economics/