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Date: Monday, 9 May 2011 12:38 am

I love you, enjoy today where you turn 18 bb! *coughwithYutocough*

Now to dedicate this post to him.

Dear Yamada Ryosuke,
Of course you'd wouldn't stumble to my humble blog, and even if you did, you wouldn't understand what I'm writing unless you bribed Keito to translate it for you bb. so yes, OH HAI THERE KEITO Happy 18th Birthday to you bb, you've grown into a fine young man! Even though it's a fact that you really look like a girl, not that I mind, really. Since I ship you with Yuto with you being the uke. *shrugs* Don't keep changing your hair colour, because I think Yuto is getting some heart pain seeing your hair getting all damaged. Plus the fact you'd always use so much hairspray for concerts or on variety shows.

Alright, I want to thank you for being the one that actually 'seduce' me into fandom in 2008, where I was watching the making of Hey! Say!. Alright, maybe not just you, but you and Yuto together, since I found both of you performing Seishun Amigo first, before watching the making. At that time, I didn't understand what was happening, but I was really amused to see the 5 of you having fun. You just caught my eyes, along with Yuto. 

At that time, it didn't last long, and I was only back into fandom in the middle of 2009, fangirling over you all over again. Why did I come back to fandom? Because I saw Scrap Teacher's CD being sold, and I was thinking how fast time passed. 

You were shining on stage, and I was really mesmerised by your dance, yes even up until now where I'm suppose to be seriously bias for Yuto, but I'm still your fan. 

It was good to see you always in the center then, because I was crazy over you. But after awhile, I was thinking why are you always under the spot light? So that's how I moved on to be all bias for Yuto. I think. But you should be lucky to have a friend like Yuto. Because of him, I'm wouldn't cringe when you're in the center. Because he said that you've worked really hard to get to where you are now.

And I think life is hard for you now, since you're in two groups and there's a CM coming up for you, and also JUMP's new single. Plus you're suppose to graduate this year, so don't screw up your exam. I wouldn't know what an idol's life is like, but I know how hard it is to study, since no one really likes to study afterall.

All I want to say is good luck for everything birthday boy. No matter what happens, we'd always be here for you, to catch you when you fall, to help you when you're lost.

Your fan,
Takasugi Riko (Jeslyn Yeo)