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Perching On The Soul
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Random Update
Date: Sunday, 1 May 2011 1:40 am

of course I am. Look at the time now.

Anyway, it seems that I'm procrastinating, hard, today. *sigh* I would prefer that I stay at home tomorrow, but I'm going to my grandmother's house. And on Monday, Abel, Bryan, Layling and Yanhan's coming over to my house for PW. Hopefully we'd finish early, since I'm going to have tuition at 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Ohh shucks.

Fandom is good. But it disappoints me to watch this week's Yan Yan JUMP. The handball segment is getting dull already, even though Yama-chan is awesomely cute. Same with Yugo. I need Yuto in action! or even better, I need OkaTaro to move about!! It feels really good to see you idols fail though :3

Currently I'm all obsessed with aroma therapy! I went to Daiso and bought 2 bottles of aroma oil. After that I had my dad dig out his aroma therapy set and his candles. I almost went to buy the Strawberry incense! But I didn't, though daddy has the green tea smelling one. I shall continue to light them tomorrow, such sweet smells :3

On the side note, I vaguely remembered Yuto going all obsessed over them too 8D and he bragged to Yama-chan the recently bought one was Strawberry incense. Shall buy that one on my next trip to Daiso Ahh. I want to buy the June issue to Myojo. But I have no time to go down to Kinokuniya. *sigh* If there isn't CCA on Friday, I'd go. I swear.

Oh yes, and I wanna go to FOX's warehouse sales! Hopefully I'd be going with my classmates! :D Ah yes, Lay Ling hasn't uploaded the retarded photos of me onto FB. I want those photos! So freaking funny 8D

Alright, I need my beauty sleep. I'M OBSESSED WITH YAMAPI'S SONG, TOMO. /is crazy