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Date: Saturday, 14 May 2011 11:02 pm

because fandom is sucking up our money.

So AKB48's official shop opens in *SCAPE, Singapore today, and I didn't go for the opening. *pouts* Instead, I spent my afternoon under the rain because I have to save my brother from the rain and after lunch I slept till around 5pm before doing my work. And I think I'm running a fever now, since I was under the rain. (-.-)

I want to visit the official shop, please? I want a Takahisa Minami poster. Or a pencil case! or a notebook? gosh. ;A; but I want JUMP's new single, BECAUSE THE SONG IS AWESOME ALRIGHT?! *despo* okay i love Yan Yan JUMP's The Pressure 10 corner~ Too amusing to be true!!!!! 8D *dances* and the suspense kills 8D

Anyway Monday's mid-years already, and I'm still procrastinating?! *dies* I need to finish reading my GP notes real quickly. ):  Am still watching Yan Yan JUMP for now, so after watch I'd go watch. CIAO~