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I love my bb♥
Date: Monday, 30 May 2011 11:31 pm

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I love you bb♥

This is posted on a "You're Beautiful" Meme on Livejournal, and this is what my bb wrote. Seriously, I teared and smiled while reading this, because it applies to me. I don't think I can live my life without tweeting her now, because she's now a big part of my life. How to say?

We flail over the same thing, and we argue makeloveOKAYFORGETABOUTTHAT, IT'S JUST FANGIRL CRAZE and well, she taught me a lot of things. She's also supporting me for auditioning as an idol, which means a lot to me :D

We'll meet one day, and both of us had fantasied that we'll meet in Japan and start jumping around in public.

Moreover, she taught me how to do GIFs and how to make my font humongous on LJ comments. Really, I had too much fun with her, even though we do argue and 'quarrel'.

And can keep saying forever how my I love her, really. ♥

Gosh, she better not find this sappy post >D

she's keannegirl01 on Livejournal. I ♥ you Keanne! 8D /runs off & hides face/