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I finally know how to make GIFs. *tears*
Date: Thursday, 19 May 2011 8:15 pm


I finally know how to make gif. LIKE FINALLY and yes, the above is made by me. hurhurhurhurhurhurhurhurhur. And so mid years are almost over! *happy dance*It's only gonna be over next monday, so ... I still have to study for my Chemistry in the weekends. Crams aren't helping too. But at least I don't have to PMS anymore, and I'm so glad about that :D

And so after my paper, I naturally went home, and I collapsed onto my bed. I was too tired to move, and yeah. After I woke up, went to have lunch  before parking my butt in front of my laptop, which is here, and yes, just using the com since then. That's bad because tomorrow's Math paper.

Oh today I found out that our JE boys aren't as elegant as they are. esp. since they can shamelessly put their hands into their pants for idk what reason and start scratching. esp. Koki. and right infront of the camera. great. and also, no matter how scary they look, all of them are DORKY. and when I say all, I mean ALL.

And I've not roll over down to the AKB48 shop. I want to get a Takahashi Minami poster or an iPhone cover, when I ACTUALLY get my iPhone (-_____-) I shall wait and hang onto my currently dying LG ice-cream :\

And I'm so slow. I've not watched my SC episode. *waiting* gosh I'm addicted to making GIF. hurhurhur.

and so I have to get off the computer really soon D: okay I shall bathe. And come back to let my conversions run :D while I do my math. probably gonna be slow