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HKT48 Audition
Date: Monday, 2 May 2011 11:23 pm

(taken during SR Olympics)

Managed to finish PW GPP, for now. now that Abel better finish his part or he better get ready to be castrated by me. That Yan Han! She made me wanna buy the lipstick we saw at Watson's today! (;A;) But it's out of stock already! ): Ended up that darling managed to coax me into buying a bottle of Lissie's Moisturising Hair Mist. *shrugs* but it smells nice (-w-) Anyway, it's because of darling that I went crazy over free samples with her 8D it's awesomely hilarious to see us going crazy, I swear! Ohh and husbando was there too! :D to do her PW with her lone groupmate :3 I think that groupmate is kindda scary. He stalks husbando's FB, because he even knows my name! omg stalker, scary.

Awesome? B) it's at Fukoka perfecture, Hakata! And also furthest away from Akihabara (AKB48) which is located in Tokyo. *slumps* ANYWAY. So I mailed the management asking if all successful applicants have to fly over to Japan for the audition. I freaked out after I sent the mail. *facepalm* ohh well. I'm trying to get Aiko to join me. And whoever's out there :3

My Yuto bb is so supportive of me! (;w;) absolutely touched by her! She was like 'I'm not going to ship you with anyone other than me!' 8D so cute :3 and I told her I can't take any photos now because I'm in my doraemon PJs and she started flailing at me. Well, the audition is probably looks-based first, before the singing and dancing part of the audition kicks in. So bb called me to take tons of cute photos of myself and send it to her, so she can help me choose!♥

I ♥ my Yuto bb! so sweet :D and she's even more excited than me to get the reply from the HKT48 management :3

Maybe there's a chance for them to set up a group in Singapore, but it's still quite small for now. They are going to set up an official shop and a cafe in SG! For AKB48, in tie to their 4 times per month theater-based performances! :D So anyway, I think they'll see if the reception's good or not before deciding to set up a group here. But I think belonging to a group stationed in Japan is so much cooler than being stationed at your hometown :3 alright, your own country in this case, since Singapore is so small

*rollrollroll* I'm all lazy now. gonna try figure out my Chemistry and after that I'll ditch all my other homeworks and sleep :3

my brother was shocked when I told him I wanna try for the audition 8D /hilarious