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YamaJima Over-dosage!
Date: Monday, 18 April 2011 12:21 am


Gosh, I saw Yuto caressing Yama-chan's shoulder in 愛-ing-アイシテル- 's performance! yes, I've rewatched it tons of times and never got bored of it, and keep spotting new things. Also, I keep watching Yan Yan JUMP's The Pressure 10 corner! And I spotted YamaJima too~ Like how Yama-chan started to be all jumpy when the commentator said about Yabu smacking Yuto's butt, and other things like Yama-chan taking the chance to cheer on Yuto when he things the camera wasn't on him ~

It's really amusing to watch all these over and over again! So looking forward to Fridays and Saturdays now! :3 I'd probably start to make Lay Ling crazy by telling her how awesome my OTP is tomorrow and how awesome Yan Yan JUMP is~

I managed to finish my Chinese project, but gosh, I've not do my Geography essay and PI inserts. ): I don't wanna go school, but I have test! Damnit

Oh well, I'm trying to write a part of a fic now. Hopefully I can post it by Friday! :D