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Twitter Awesomeness.
Date: Friday, 22 April 2011 11:13 pm

We're pretty amazing aren't we? 8D
KikuJima = Nakajima Kento (aliciaswr@LJ)
nakajima_yuto = Nakajima Yuto (keannegirl01@LJ)
_yamadaryosuke = Yamada Ryosuke (th-geek@LJ, me)
morimoto_ryu = Morimoto Ryutaro
okamoto_keito = Okamoto Keito
yamachii = puripuripretty = InooKei (hotfruits@LJ)
chinenyuri_ = Chinen Yuri (sugihara-aiko@LJ)
_yaotomehikaru = Yaotome Hikaru

and there we go, 1 from B.I.Shadow and 7 JUMP members. i was talking to Yuto, Inoo, Ryutaro and Keito just now, from around 5 plus till 9pm? :D i had a great laugh and well, it's really fun talking to them! 8D

now i know that I tweet too much, since my tweet count is already 6,850!!! /shockedgosh.

Anyway, went to Wild Wild Wet today! awesome time, since it has been so long since I went there! 8D I'm all tanned and I feel so tired~ 8D my brother and cousin tried to rape each other in the pool, while I just lounge on the float while watching them trying to pull off each others' swimming trunks. It's really a hilarious sight (:

Yesterday went to meet those 3 people! went tracking with them at NEX, and that resulted in a shoulder cramp now. /pouts oh well, we crapped and crapped and talked so loudly! people would have to complain 4 schools just to complain about us, so funnaye 8D

Waiting for Sandy to upload the photos, but her dad went overseas, and her iTouch died on her, so no photos for now. ):

Gonna go meet Christabel tomorrow and go down to Bishan to get our pens! 8D /eggcited