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New Twitter name! @_yamadaryosuke
Date: Monday, 4 April 2011 10:30 pm

(at least for me~)

I was enjoying a good laugh with KenKen (keannegirl01@LJ) and gosh, the things we're doing on twitter now is awesome. on the side note, here's my twitter

http://twitter.com/_yamadaryosuke >D KenKen's @nakajima_yuto, and we were 'flirting' with each other, and gosh, it's totally hilarious 8D

i was enjoying me time laughing and laughing. plus, my new twitter name is so appealing not really, I just like it! though my icon is Yuto, while KenKen's icon's Yama-chan xD

Bringing laptop to school tomorrow for PW, which means no work is gonna get done >D *shot* who cares? I'm just that bad. Will have to do my chemistry during break tomorrow. I'm too lazy to do it tonight. D: i was constantly on twitter~

i'm probably ditching the android for my iPhone 4. yeah, I like iPhone better, I don't know why. Truth is, Android is also really cool!

Off to sleep and pack my stuffs I guess.