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Perching On The Soul
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Live up with it.
Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2011 10:27 pm

I dreamt of Jiayan with short hair, wearing a santa hat and carrying a broom, with our NTUC uniform while me and Sandy were behind the counters and somehow, JunHan was stacking the things on the shelves.
Plain weird.

Alright, I'm sick of JC, but I just have to bare with it. School is still sucky as usual. (alright, I've not been to school for 2 days already because of MC) Actually school is alright, but curse all projects and PE lessons. They make school like a torture. Oh yes, and the constant tests back to back. Goddamnit.

Daddy just called me go switch, it's my choice. What the? You were the one that said I shouldn't change when I STILL CAN EFF-ING SWITCH TO POLY. Great. You love to see me suffer right?

I'm fine with JC life. Sure I'm fine.

I'll just keep telling myself that I'm fine and live up with all these shit. I'm living up with all these eff-ing shits because I want to be a writer. Gosh. I'll just have to live up with it.