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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 5 April 2011 10:48 pm

Ultimate OTP of April >D

Alright, I said i wanna sleep early, but I'm still on the computer. (-.-) oh well. i miss a certain someone. oh gosh WA, you wouldn't stumble here would you? Now this certain person's face is like pasted on my birthday present that my 3 precious idiots gave me for my 16th birthday (which was just last year, just 4 months ago, exactly.) oh well, I miss you so much. The last time I saw him was like ... a month back, when we went back to our respective CCAs with our respective friends, and Ms Suraiya started to spout nonsense that how i wished was true. imagine her keep pressing "how long already?" when we weren't even together. gosh.

i wanna think that there's something special between us. i still wanna believe that, because there are so many things that happened that made me think that way. Gosh, i miss you so much.

on the side note, i'm gonna bring my guitar to school tomorrow for CCA! 8D kind of excited~ hopefully i'll see Cassandra Tan on the bus tomorrow! and both of us will take the bus together with our bulky guitars *winkwink*

Alright, i shall sleep. i'll revise my Geography tomorrow morning while going to school in a clutter. 8D okay, i'll study during break.