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Perching On The Soul
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Pull Through.
Date: Sunday, 13 March 2011 1:12 pm

Gosh, crying while watching the news is really bad. ):

I can't help it, but I'm glad that the JFC had confirmed that our boy's are safe and sound, alive somewhere in Japan breathing. I'll be praying for their safety. Please let everything in Japan settle down soon, I'm so worried about everyone there that's affected.

I'm still really worried for Hikaru, since his hometown is Sendai ): Gosh, let everyone be alright. All these things that has been happening really leads me to think that 2012 might be true. ): Gosh, our lives are so fragile under the power of Mother Nature. So live to your fullest. and pray for everyone in the world.

Gosh. ):

On the side note, my mum's gonna sponsor me my iPhone4! 8D *shot* ohh and I want the 2011-2012 JUMP calendar :\