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Project Work
Date: Tuesday, 22 March 2011 11:09 pm

Project Work is out!
Kind of suck, since it would so take up most of my free time. Gosh, I'll so miss the time flailing and writing fics like mad. D: I'm seriously missing writing already. *pouts* Hopefully two years will pass quickly. provided I pass my promos this year, which I MUST.

I skipped the Guitar Ensemble's concert today. (.___.) Not that I wanted to skip, since the freaking ticket is sixteen bucks. JCs are money suckers. I almost fainted due to stomach ache/pain. damn. My face was practically pale. Though I insisted that I didn't want to take early leave since today's the release of our PW question paper. Which proves to be quite stupid and I don't like it one bit.

There's Guitar tomorrow after school! Gosh, kill me. I'm gonna need to rush out my Math Tutorial 3 for Thursday. Can I just sleep and VOO-LAA, two years passed and all the knowledge is in my tiny brain? Pretty please? I'm still thinking how I'm going to survive these two years.

Come to think of it, I see myself mugging so much more than Secondary School. And worrying more too. Gosh now I'm thinking of what Ms Teng mentioned about 4I 2010.

"All of your know when to stress and worry, but your only stress and worry and don't do anything. If you continue to do this, you're not going to get yourself anywhere."

Gosh, I can't believe I miss Miss Teng. I miss her teaching Chemistry. ): And during GP, I realised that the skills that they are teaching us now are what Mrs Yong taught me last year. *tears* I can't help relating my Secondary school teachers to what I'm learning now. except Chinese of course

I'm trying to load movies to watch during my free time in the weekends. Yes, BL movies dears. I think I need to sleep less. (strike that, I'm already sleeping very little. And I'm the type of people that cannot sleep very little.) I shall do some Math Tutorial 3 in school tomorrow. Probably during break. I hardly eat anything for the whole day today.

I only ate two cookies and drank water from 5am - 5pm. I survived on those for twelve hours. Awesome? Tomorrow would probably be the same. Except that I'd be in school till probably 6pm or 7pm? Gosh. I'm now getting really nervous.

8 weeks till common test. I'll have to juggle PW and revision together. I need to grab my Math teacher soon. I need help with AP & GP. (.___.) And probably inequalities too. *feeling hopeless* hopefully she's free on Friday. *prays*

Pissed at my printer. Printer, please be more co-operative. Thank you very much.

I need sleep. I NEED TO SLEEP OFF THE IRRITATION! *chills down*