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Perching On The Soul
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Mao! ;A;
Date: Monday, 21 March 2011 11:03 pm

He shouldn't be allowed to look so cute!

He actually has a girlfriend before, and that girl doesn't even know how to cherish him properly! Alright, I might not know him for real, but really, he looks like a really good and decent guy. Some girl idols just think that they are so awesome and just treat guys like dump. ): Seriously, no matter if you're an idol or not, you're still human. Hamao was so sad while filming Takumi-kun : Bibou no Detail D': See how much he cherishes the relationship? :\ *glomps* Sorry, I'm just all emotional and touchy for my bias idols' love lives.

Gosh I want a boyfriend.
Don't anyone love me? *puppy eyes*

Alright, I'm not sane now. Was half dead in school, literally. Not that bad today, since I managed to finish most of my homework. (miraculously) done I'ma gonna sleep -.-

WATCHING BOYS LOVE TOMORROW! (or hopefully soon~)