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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Saturday, 5 March 2011 12:28 am

I'm now officially a member of SRJC's Guitar Ensemble!

Awesome. I'll get to learn my guitar! gosh, my guitar will now not be covered with dust! In the Guitar Ensemble with Michelle and Cassandra Tan! And probably many others, but I still don't know! Hopefully, this year will be alright for CCA.

Went back to CVSS with Sandy Ong Friend just now! Gosh, I miss school, even though I went back there last week. Was actually stuck outside in the cold, shivering at the guard post until Mr Suaini came to save us! Ohh well. Went back for Guides, and just idle there for the longest time!

I love my teachers. 
Chatted with Mr Wu, Mr Ng and Mrs Lee!

Oh yes, I almost got into a cat fight with Jun Wei! Okay, maybe not. It's really funny seeing how he's trying to see who's my younger brother in his CCA. Well, YuXiang was there and he knows, and he ain't helping Jun Wei, so it's so funny watching :D  
My brother got the scare of his life with Jun Wei had his face so close to his, totally hilarious. :D

Stayed back to do the interviews, and well, we had that little tiny meeting after that. Gosh, during that meeting, I swear, I can kill Ms Suraiya! How am I linked to him?! Gosh, and how does she know in the first place?
Teachers gossip, like really true.

I can't believe that she can actually ask me, "Your together uhh?" and "How long already?" plus, "You and your excuses! You waiting for someone right?" Gosh. Best thing is, YanTing, KaiLin and ShuHui just laughed like crazy at the side. Sandy Ong too. But seriously, she asked me, "How long ler?" and I'm all WHUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! (O____________O)!

That's the highlight of my trip back, like seriously. On the side note, I feel like buying pimple cream and facial wash for someone who has pimples popping out a lot recently. Should I? Would I even be appreciated and will that person use what I bought anyway. GAHHHHHH.

After my brother's NPCC, went to have dinner with Jiayan cousin and Sandy friend at Rivervale Mall's KFC. The alarm broke like tons of times. And Jiayan eats really slowly. She's having Dragon Boat racing tomorrow, so GOOD LUCK COUSIN!

After that we went to ransack Daiso! Our beloved Daiso! Gosh, I miss that place. I love going there and buy tons of useless stuffs, because everything there is just super cute alright?! I bought that oil blotting paper, highlighters, sweets, coffee, and a box to contain cereals for school. :D

Tomorrow's my brother's Piano Theory exam, good luck to him! :3

After seeing you again, I just can't help but admit that although I said that I'm going to study this year, I still like you. Really. Can I tell you that I kindda miss you?