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Perching On The Soul
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Bad Mood.
Date: Sunday, 20 March 2011 1:15 am

Takumi-kun : Niji Iro no Garasu ♥

Takumi on the left and Gii on the right~ This is not gonna make any sense. Because it's gonna be flailing and flailing! I needed my fluff, since I'm being all emo all day. Damn PMS. (-.-) I'm sorry if I'm being cold to anyone through text or verbally these days! I'm seriously pissed at myself not being able to complete my holiday homeworks, and I feel really absolutely useless for not being able to solve those idiot Math questions.

these two years are gonna be long. D':

Oh, on the side note, I ♥ Hamao Kyosuke :D
Oh so cute Hamao~♥ I need a picture of his smile, because it's too cute to be true. LIKE SERIOUSLY. 8D Why are all the cute and hot guys in Japan? *pouts*

I should be sleeping. Technically, now is Sunday and tomorrow's gonna be Monday and it's school. screw school I seriously have ideas of changing to polytechnic, but seriously, after all the money I've spent on the uniform, lecture notes, and the oh-so-damned calculator, I really don't have the courage to switch to polytechnic. The money is such a large sum. Plus on top of that, my parents were so happy that I entered Junior College. I seriously don't want to make them all disappointed. But gosh, I can't manage my time. I can't catch up with the Math work. I'll probably go a little more mental by June, since I would be starting my Project Work on Tuesday. ): I should look at everything in a brighter perspective, and think that it's only two years, but actually two years is kind of long.

I'll seriously cut down on fandom time after today. (Which is now) I think I'll have to cut my hair tomorrow to lighten my weight. Gosh, all stressed up. Mummy said I'm not matured enough, which maybe true. Since I'm all panicking and well, if literally, I still have my baby fats. (ewwwwww!) on the side note, that actually explains why I have round cheeks like Yama-chan

I should actually convert the whole video into MP4 and watch it everywhere and anywhere.♥ Gosh I need sleep. I'm all grouchy now.
It's not DaiMao, but still awesome!