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Perching On The Soul
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School? D:
Date: Sunday, 20 February 2011 11:05 pm

I adore this picture, and it's now my wallpaper! Kiriyama Renn x Suda Masaki. (aka. Hidari Shotaro x Philip)

I ditched my Hey! Say! 7 wall paper for this /whacked. Ohh well, this OTP needs some loving from me, because they are so love!

I don't feel like going to school, because I'm in my PMS mood, and I'm being all so negative, like super negative ): How negative? Let's just say, I feel like it's going to be the end of the world now. Yes, that bad.

Another reason I don't wanna go back to school is because ... I've not finished my Economics tutorial. I'll be once again doing Econs for break. Which Lay Ling pointed out that all I do for break is Econs. *laughs* because I have no mood to finish up my Econs homework. I don't really like Econs, omg. Ohh well. I think I'll not bring back my lecture notes next time, because I hardly have time to study or read through my notes.

Was going to do my Econs essay at my grandmother's house, but in the end my aunt pulled me to do her nephew's homework. Great? And so one whole afternoon is wasted like that. At least I bought my 500 GB hard disk! Like finally~

And so, I'm feeling really restless. hint!PMS I'll be running into Compassvale on friday with Isabel to visit Guides like crazy women :D Ignoring the security! :3

I love her for making me love her RL OTP 8D and making me laugh at Trigo like crazy because it's OkaYamaJima

and on the side note;
Jess if you ever stumble over here, I miss you )':
I hate time zones, and I want internet access so I can chat with her over twitter! D: