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Perching On The Soul
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ÚČ╝, I miss you!
Date: Sunday, 27 February 2011 1:36 am

Brother's off at camp! ):
I miss that jerk so much! Stupid demon. (Don't mind me. He calls me a devil, while I call him a demon. Well, in Japanese of course. He's an oni while I'm an akuma)

Curse school and project work. I think that they love to discuss things when I can't discuss. Damn. It's like as if I'm leeching on them. *pissed* who cares. It's not like I'm going to work with them next year. I'll just have to hold it in for this one year. easier said than done.

Stupid mosquitoes, biting me non-stop.

My legs are now aching from running two days, 2.8km. Quite an achievement for a non-runner like me. I'm currently walking like a penguin, and well. I was screaming all the way when walking down/up the stairs. I can hardly move.

I think I have most of my homework done. I'll use the computer to type some fics tomorrow! :D *jumps in glee* I'm being segregated from the internet world! ;A; I want an iPhone with a data plan badly now.

on the side note, I did some sharing to a group of people about my experience for Chingay just now (actually it'll be counted as "yesterday") and what's the best is that I spoke in fluent Chinese without stuttering! :D I didn't prepare my script, so I'm proud! and my Mum was all, "I'm so proud of you!" throughout the ride home~ I love getting praised by my parents~ (Yes, I'm a mummy/daddy girl. Problem?)